My client was facing Burglary and Grand Theft charges after he was accused of stealing from his workplace.

THE SITUATION: My client was misidentified on a his work’s grainy surveillance video after the business was burglarized.

My client worked at a retail store that suffered a series of burglaries over a month-long period that occurred at night when the store was closed.  Store investigators reviewed surveillance footage and thought that one of the suspects on the video looked like my client.

My client was adamant it was not him and that he did not commit burglary.

THE RESULT: The case was dismissed by the judge in the middle of trial.

After analyzing the video, my client and I decided to take the case to jury trial.  We presented arguments that the person on the video was someone else and that no identification was possible because of the video’s poor quality.

After the first witness testified, the prosecution’s case unravelled.  No proper identification could be made of my client and there was additional exonerating evidence that came out during the witness’ testimony.  I moved for immediate dismissal and the prosecution actually joined the my motion.  The case was dismissed before the jury even got a chance to deliberate.

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