Why hire an attorney who knows white collar criminal defense?

These crimes present an array of unique legal and factual issues. They require specialized knowledge of state and federal laws. They need familiarity with certain kinds of evidence and legal defenses. When you’re facing white collar offense charges, you need to hire a criminal defense law firm familiar with white collar crimes.

White Collar Criminal Defense Law Firm

  • The penalties are high. Since the passage of the “Great Taking” allegation, PC 12022.6, white collar defendants are facing lengthy prison sentences.
  • The cases are complex. Evidence typically consists of voluminous business records, bank records, insurance documents, and other “paper” documentation that requires a thorough analyzation for the relevant legal issues. Witnesses and victims make allegations that must be tested against the written record.
  • The forensic evidence is unique. White collar cases are one of the only branches of criminal law that employs financial experts like forensic accountants and business practice experts.
  • Not all lawyers can handle it. With the volume of specialized knowledge regarding business transactions and the law of fraud and fraud-based crimes, white collar criminal defense cases require unique skills.

Our White Collar Services

The Law Office of Matthew Speredelozzi litigates an array of white collar criminal defense cases in San Diego, CA including embezzlement, tax fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, welfare fraud, insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud, and identity theft. We maintain relationships with the experts who help investigate and testify in these cases and the judges and prosecutors who pursue criminal complaints.

Federal and State Prosecutions

Prosecution of white collar crimes occurs at both federal and state levels. Mr. Speredelozzi has litigated white collar cases in both state and federal court.

We Can Help!

We have already helped many clients charged with white collar offenses. We received favorable results from outright dismissals to substantially reduced charges and penalties. Let us mount a meaningful and thoughtful defense by challenging the evidence and presenting you in a favorable light to the court and prosecution.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime, you may need our criminal defense representation services.


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