The prosecution’s investigation of the alleged crime reveals potentially unreliable witnesses or evidence that’s biased against you.  The prosecution does not pursue any witnesses whose testimony favors your side of the story.


One of our experienced private investigators pursues new information about your case and the alleged crime.  The investigators dig for information and issue subpoenas to force witnesses to appear in court to testify.


Our private investigators run background checks on prosecution witnesses to determine their personal and criminal history.  They also go out into the community to find and interview these witnesses.  The investigators then prepare a report based on their knowledge and expertise for our lawyer to review and ascertain if the witness is lying in their statement.  If that’s the case, our attorney would prepare questions to prove their unreliability and “impeach” the witness at trial.  Investigators also search for witnesses who can offer you favorable testimony to refute or offer reasonable doubt about the stories the prosecution’s witnesses tell.  Private investigators then subpoena these individuals to force them to come to court and tell the truth.


In many cases, your co-conspirator (an individual who was involved in the commission of the alleged crime) will cut a deal with the prosecution for a lighter sentence or dismissal if they testify against you.  As a result, you’re painted as the ringleader of the alleged crime when in fact your co-conspirator was.  Our private investigators use a variety of investigation techniques to gather information on the co-conspirator and present a convincing case in court that you are not the ringleader.


Once the prosecution has collected enough evidence to file criminal charges, they are only concerned with the evidence that is favorable to their case.  In many instances there may be additional “exculpatory evidence” — evidence that could cast a shadow of a doubt on your guilt, if not prove your innocence.  Our investigators work zealously to collect this information so it can be incorporated into our defense strategy.


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