Is probation holding you back?  Apply for early termination of probation.

Early termination of probation gives many people the chance they need to get that great job or promotion, pass a background check, or get the satisfaction that their case is officially over.  There are many reasons to apply for early termination, but our clients often tell us it gives them closure and helps them put the experience behind them.

We have helped many people successfully petition the court to release them from probation.

Under California Penal Code § 1203.3(a) California courts will take a person off probation and deem probation successfully completed when “the ends of justice will be subserved thereby.” This is called a motion for early termination of probation.

How we can help

Our law firm has helped many people get off probation early.  We know exactly what judges are looking for and how to present it to them.  We prepare the paperwork, schedule the hearing, and successfully argue to the judge that he or she should grant the request for release from probation.

Consultation and Case Review

First, we sit down with you and discuss the situation. We explain how the process works and the applicable law. We counsel you on whether you are eligible for early termination of probation and give you a recommendation as to whether you should seek this relief.

Assemble Mitigating Documents

We counsel you on how to put together a mitigation packet.  A mitigation packet is a collection of evidence to show you’ve turned your life around and no longer need to be on probation. It includes letters from friends and family that can vouch for your character, grades if you’re in school, proof of employment and military service, awards, community service, and proof of any other positive changes you’ve made in your life since your conviction.  The packet also includes a specific description of why you need to get off probation.  For example, if you were denied employment or housing due to your status on probation, we would present that to the court.

Draft and File a Persuasive Brief to the Court

We submit a written brief to the court outlining your case for release from probation.  We cite the applicable law, your specific circumstances that show you deserve to be off probation, and all supporting documents from your mitigation packet.

Skilled Representation at the Hearing

A motion for early termination of probation requires a hearing in front of a judge. Only a judge can release you from probation and the prosecution is given an opportunity to argue against you in court.  We have successfully represented our clients at this type of hearing many times and know how to persuasively present your argument to convince the judge to side with you.


Before filing for early termination of probation, you must be legally eligible.  The basic requirements are (1) all your terms of probation are satisfied, (2) all fines and fees have been paid on your case, and (3) you are not on probation, parole or post-release supervision on another case.  Come in for a consultation to determine your eligibility and how early termination of probation can help you.

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