Helping Families Navigate the Juvenile System

The truth is, juvenile court is not the same as adult court.  Having a lawyer who knows juvenile procedure is of utmost importance when selecting representation on your case.

The options available to juveniles in juvenile court are vastly different than the options available to adults in adult court.  For example, a minor charged in a non serious offense who has no juvenile record may be eligible for informal probation pursuant to Welfare & Institutions Code § 654.  This program allows the minor to be placed on informal probation for six months and, upon successful completion, have the case dismissed and sealed.

A juvenile charged with a felony may be eligible for Deferred Entry of Judgment under Welfare and Institution’s Code § 790.  This allows the minor to have the juvenile judgment deferred for a period of up to 18 months and have the case dismissed upon successful completion.

Having a lawyer who knows a minors options in juvenile court can have a long lasting impact on that minors life.

Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew J. Speredelozzi has been working with accused children and their families since 2007 when he completed a clerkship at the Juvenile Division of the San Diego Public Defender’s Office.  There he conducted juvenile detention hearings, motions, informal probation hearings and juvenile court trials.  He has helped many juveniles obtain favorable results in juvenile court including dismissals and sealing of all court records.

If your child has been charged with a crime it is critical to hire a defense attorney skilled in navigating the juvenile court system.


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