Your friend or family member has just been arrested.  You are unfamiliar with the legal system and unsure of what steps to take.


Schedule a jail consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can discuss the facts with your friend or family member, assess their case, review their options and possible outcomes, and advise them of what steps to take next.


Being arrested and thrown in jail is a scary situation for anyone, especially for family and friends. Our attorneys can help answer your questions and explain the unknown. During a jail consultation, one of our attorneys will visit the detention facility, discuss the facts with your loved one and provide an analysis of possible consequences and potential outcomes. If you are not in custody but awaiting your first court appearance or thinking of hiring private counsel, call us immediately to schedule a consultation.


We will give you an honest assessment of the strength of your case and a recommended course of action.  We will discuss what your options are and how to begin developing a defense.


Our jail consultation is 100% confidential. We cannot and will not tell anyone any of the facts you share with us during the meeting. We are professional attorneys there to listen and give advice. Even though we have not yet been hired to represent you in the case, we still maintain our duty of confidentiality.


It usually takes about 45-60 minutes and we can typically schedule it within 24 hours.  Call the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Matthew J. Speredelozzi for a no-obligation legal consultation at 619-363-1405 or email us at