If you are charged with a gang-related crime, you need an attorney who knows gang defense.

Our law firm handles a high volume of gang defense cases including the charges of murder, attempted murder, carjacking, kidnapping, drug possession and sales, pimping and pandering, criminal threats, witness intimidation, and weapons charges.  We have experience handling criminal gang conspiracy cases and those where the prosecution charges a gang enhancement allegation.

Gang Defense Attorney

Gang Cases Present Unique Problems

Gang defense cases are unique.  They involve money, drugs, guns, prostitution, and violence and Prosecutors charge and pursue special allegations with fervor.  And our clients are faced with the admission of highly inflammatory and prejudicial “gang evidence.”

California law continues to get harsher on gangs.  Since the passage of the California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act (CPC § 186.20-186.34) in 1988, California gangs have been singled out in the criminal justice system.  This law, and its progeny, works to lock up gang members and those who associate with them.

In California, this nuanced area of law creates a unique challenge for gang defense cases.  First, we must direct a safe investigation of the facts in some potentially dangerous situations; e.g., subpoenaing an unwilling witness or interviewing a rival gang member.  Gang defense representation requires dealing with a wide range of laws governing the prosecution of gangs.  We must be familiar with these laws and understand how they can affect our client’s particular situation.  We, along with our team of investigators, must be sensitive to the inner workings and culture of the gang.   We also must keep an open and continuous line of communication with the clients, their families, and witnesses and other important parties to the case.

Our Gang Experience

A large percentage of our law practice is dedicated to defending individuals in gang related cases and working with their families. We have argued many gang cases at trial. We work with experienced investigators who work high profile gang cases on a regular basis. We are currently working on some of the largest and most serious gang defense cases in the County of San Diego.


If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, call to talk with a skilled gang defense lawyer today: 619-363-1405 or email us at matt@lawofficemjs.com.