You’re being charged with a DUI that could have dire consequences including destruction of your reputation, loss of your job, loss of your driver’s license, probation, high fines, jail or prison.


Targeted and effective legal representation from a skilled DUI defense team including attorneys, paralegals, licensed private investigators and forensic experts.

Our goal is to obtain the best resolution of your case in the most efficient manner and with as little cost to you as possible.  But why hire a criminal defense law firm to represent you in your DUI?  What can a skilled criminal defense team do to help their clients solve the problem of being charged with a crime?  What does a criminal defense attorney actually do?

Client Intake and Strategy Outline

Our clients sit down with our DUI attorney for an intake interview.  Our attorney will get to know you and your side of the case.  We will discuss the facts of the case, any mitigating factors that show you deserve leniency, and case strategy.  Our attorney will also answer all your questions regarding court procedure, the law governing DUIs, and the potential outcomes of the case.

Mitigation Packet

Good people get charged with DUI.  Our responsibility is to gather information that shows you are a good and responsible person and present it to the court and prosecution.  This evidence is called mitigating evidence.   Our team will assist you in making a mitigation packet for use in negotiating the case.  The mitigation packet includes any and all information that tends to show you deserve leniency for the charges.  A few examples are character letters, grades, employment records, military records, proof of remedial measures taken (e.g., attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or enrollment in County DUI classes.)

Case Analysis and Negotiation Memorandum

The biggest benefit of hiring a skilled DUI defense team is to get the case analyzed for all legal and factual issues.  Our team obtains all of the government’s evidence in the case and analyzes it.  This evidence typically consists of police reports, witness statements, results of chemical tests to detect alcohol or drugs (breathalyzer tests, blood tests, urine tests), and the results of field sobriety tests.  Our team then drafts a written Case Analysis and Negotiation Memorandum containing a summary of the pertinent facts, evidence, witnesses and a discussion of the legal defenses and case strategy for your review.

Legal Counsel and Advice

Our attorney’s most important job is to make sure you understand your DUI charge and can make informed, rational decisions as your case moves through the system.  In every case, our attorney will advise and educate you on the intricacies of your DUI case including what the facts are, what the law says, and what legal tactics can be employed.  Our attorney will also counsel you on whether additional services may benefit your case (e.g., private investigation, forensic toxicologist testimony, retest of DUI blood or urine evidence, motions, jury trial.)

Representation at all Court Appearances and Negotiation

We are your voice in the court room.  We advocate your position during negotiations with the judge and prosecutor from arraignment through sentencing.  During the course of the case, our attorney is armed with a detailed analysis (Case Analysis and Negotiation Memorandum), a packet of documents that show the court and prosecutor that you are a good person (Mitigation Packet), and a defense plan and pro-defense legal theories.  These tools will give our attorney the leverage needed to achieve your goals, whether its a dismissal or a substantial reduction in charges and penalties.


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