My client was facing charges for disobeying a police officer which could have landed him in jail.

The SITUATION: My client was arrested outside of his own house for disobeying a police officer and charged in court.

My client’s son was pulled over for a stolen vehicle right in front of his own house.  The only problem, the vehicle was not stolen but actually registered to him.  The police had no legitimate reason to stop him.

My client was home and saw that his son was just pulled over in front of his house.  He went outside to ask the police officers what was going on.  After a few minutes, they arrested my client and two of his sons and charged them all with disobeying a police officer.

The RESULT: The case was dismissed in the eleventh hour before trial.

When I first got the case, my client told me a consistent story that did not involve any of the men committing a crime.  I immediately conducted a private investigation with a licensed private investigator.  We discovered a neighbor had video recorded the incident with his phone and portions of the incident were recorded on my client’s wife’s iPad.  Based on the defense investigation we learned that the police lied in their reports and that no act of disobeying a police officer occurred.

My client decided to take the case to trial.  On the first day of trial, I confronted the prosecution in the presence of the judge with the weaknesses in his case.  I demanded a dismissal.  The prosecution offered a plea to lesser charges and my client rejected it.  Eventually, the prosecution caved and dismissed the case before any witnesses testified.

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