My client was charged with prostitution when an undercover police officer accused her of agreeing to give him a “happy ending” during his massage.  I helped my client contested the allegation at jury trial and we won!

The Situation: My client’s massage business was investigated/infiltrated by a an undercover police officer.  During the massage, the officer claimed that my client offered him a “happy ending” and he arrested her for prostitution.

My client was adamant that this allegation was false.  She decided to take her case in front of a jury and let them decide.  During the trial the officer was thoroughly cross examined and many facts supporting my client’s defense came to light.  For example, the officer recorded the interaction.  At no point during the recording was there any evidence of an agreement to engage in prostitution.

Furthermore, the officer admitted that he initiated sexual contact by grabbing my client’s buttocks during the massage.  The jury did not like this fact.  As it turned out the jury did not like the officer and, more importantly, did not believe him.

The Result: We won the trial.

The only person who got a “happy ending” in this case was my client.

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