My client was charged with Battery after she was attacked by three of her neighbors.

THE SITUATION: My client was attacked by three women and fought back to defend herself.  Nonetheless she was still charged with Battery.

After my client was attacked by three women, she defended herself.  She ran away when she had the chance.  The women called the police, who responded to the scene.  The three women lied to the police stating that my client was the one who started the fight and that she attacked them.  The police recommended Battery charges against my client which were later filed.

My client was adamant that she was attacked first, without provocation.  She wanted to take the case to trial and tell her side of the story.

THE RESULT: The case was dismissed.

I knew right away that this case came down to their word against hers.   I also knew that three witnesses are stronger than one.  So I conducted an investigation through a licensed private investigator.  I directed the investigator to canvass the street where the crime occurred and chase down leads that might uncover an unbiased third-party witness.  The investigation hit a major development when we found a woman who happened to see the fight as she walked by with her dog.

This woman did not know any of the parties involved in the fight.  She told us that she witnessed the three women attack my client.  She said they attacked first and they were the aggressors.  She confirmed my client’s story that my client acted in self-defense and then ran away from the fight.

When presented with the new evidence, the prosecution had no choice but to dismiss the case.

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