My client was facing a Battery charge which could have resulted in her losing her job with the federal government.

The Situation: My client defended herself after being accosted while sunbathing at the community pool of her condo complex.  When the police arrived, they ended up charging her with Battery after the “victim” lied to them about what happened.

My client was sunbathing at her community pool.  She was approached by a neighbor/”victim” who was also using the pool. Apparently, the “victim” thought my client was playing her music too loud at the pool.  The “victim” ended up pushing my client and my client pushed her back.  The “victim” continued to harass my client and used several racial epithets in the encounter.  My client called the police who responded to the scene.  The police interviewed the “victim” and my client.  The police also interviewed the “victim’s” brother who was present and witnessed the encounter.  Both the “victim” and her brother lied to the police about what happened claiming that my client was the aggressor and was the only one to “hit” the “victim.”

The police believed the “victim” over my client and charged my client with battery.

The Result: After defense conducted its own investigation, the case was dismissed at trial.

I believed that my client was using self defense when she pushed the “victim.”  When I got the case, it was my client’s word against the “victim” and the victim’s brother.

I sent a private investigator to the condo complex to see if there were any other witnesses who saw the crime and would corroborate my client’s story.  As it turned out, there were.  We found two independent witnesses who were on their patio at the time of the alleged crime.  These witnesses had never met my client or the victim prior to the incident.  Both witnesses stated that my client was not the aggressor.  They said the “victim” was aggressive and was the first one to push my client.  They also confirmed that the “victim” called my client some very offensive and racially-charged names.  They confirmed that my client only pushed back in self defense.

Based on this new evidence that the police failed to obtain, I convinced the government to drop the charges against my client on the first day of trial.

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