One of the most important aspects of our criminal defense strategy is determining the facts.  The prosecution’s evidence is only one side of the story.  It is vital to conduct an independent investigation and forensic evaluation of the case using our defense network.

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Our law firm has a vast defense network of professionals who provide investigative and forensic services to our clients. These professionals can find and question witnesses and test forensic evidence such as ballistics, gunshot residue, blood spatter, level of intoxication in body fluids, fingerprints, and DNA from biological samples. Evidence gained from these services may reveal flaws in the prosecutor’s case or provide mitigating factors that result in a dismissal of charges or a reduction of charges and penalties.


Our office works with experienced private investigators in developing a defense.  Experienced investigators get the nitty gritty details about witnesses that have given statements against you.  In some cases, a background investigation of the prosecution’s witness reveals the unreliability of their testimony.  In other cases, there may be additional witnesses that could offer favorable testimony for you, but they don’t want to come forward or can’t be found.  Since the police and prosecutor are not trying to find witnesses that disprove their case, it’s important for the defense to conduct its own investigation.


Criminal cases involve a plethora of forensic evidence from latent fingerprints to DNA.  Our law firm works with a variety of forensic professionals within our defense network to test the accuracy and reliability of the prosecution’s evidence.  Our forensic experts often testify in court to rebut inaccurate assumptions or conclusions made by the prosecution.  Such forensic professionals in our network include DNA experts, ballistic experts, gunshot residue experts, toxicologists (for drug and DUI cases), eyewitness identification experts, gang experts, and forensic accountants (for white collar cases.)


You or your loved one may struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse.  Our law firm’s defense network of psychologists and psychiatrists who can provide an evaluation to determine whether these issues were a factor in the commission of the alleged crime.  Such evaluation may provide a legal defense or a substantial mitigating factor that we can use to negotiate reduced charges and penalties.


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