Attention and diligence for every case.


Our criminal defense law firm treats each case with the attention and diligence needed to achieve the best result possible. Each of our clients receives a written analysis of the case including a summary of legal defenses and strategy. We collect and submit a packet of mitigating documents that prove to the government that our client is a good and responsible person. Over the years, our dedication to attacking the legal and the equitable aspects of each case has proven successful over and over again. Please see our RESULTS page for real case histories.

Certified Criminal Law Specialist, State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.


Only those lawyers that demonstrate the highest levels of proficiency, knowledge, skill, experience, and ethics in their practice area can call themselves Certified Specialists. Mr. Speredelozzi practices only criminal law and has personally handled hundreds of criminal cases. His experience ranges from simple misdemeanors to first degree murder. Our clients have the benefit of knowing their courtroom advocate is an authoritative voice on criminal law.

A network of skilled forensic experts and private investigators


We utilize a network of skilled forensic experts and private investigators. These professionals work to build a defense by investigating the facts and refuting the evidence put forth by the prosecution. Our criminal defense law firm is known by judges and prosecutors as professional and thorough defenders of the accused.



Prosecution of white collar crimes, especially cyber crimes and identity theft, has increased in recent years. These specialized crimes present an array of unique legal and factual issues. Our clients have an advantage in these cases by employing a legal team experienced in defending these complicated matters.


Mr. Speredelozzi has been working with accused children since 2007 when he completed a clerkship at the Juvenile Division of the San Diego Public Defender’s Office.  Juvenile court is vastly different from adult court and its procedures are based on a different set of laws.  Therefore it is very important to hire not just any criminal defense law firm, but an attorney who is skilled in navigating the juvenile system.


 Gang related crime is a serious issue in San Diego. In California, the law imposes substantial increases in punishment when a crime is committed at the direction of, for the benefit of, or in association with, a criminal street gang. Cases involving gang allegations present difficult obstacles for our client’s defense. Our criminal defense law firm has successfully litigated many gang cases throughout the years, and our clients have an advantage by working with attorneys knowledgeable in defending gang allegations. We work with gang experts and investigators that are familiar with issues specific to gang cases.


Federal offenses carry significantly harsher sentences than their state counterparts.  Additionally, the law that governs these cases is substantially different from state law.  The cases are heard by different judges and handled by different prosecutors.  Our clients charged with federal crimes have the advantage of a criminal defense law firm that has experience handling federal cases and conducting federal jury trials.


  • I don’t believe anyone wants to meet an attorney after a series of poor decisions.  However, I could not have been more confident about my choice of Mr. Speredelozzi as my counsel in this matter.
         From the initial consultation until the situation was resolved, he was very much engaged and an advocate for me to get the best possible outcome. Throughout the process, no matter how bleak or drawn-out it was, Mr. Speredelozzi was very professional and communicated all the particulars of the case to me. He seemed very flexible and always returned phone calls and emails quickly. There is no doubt in my mind I wouldn't have gotten the settlement I did if not for Mr. Speredelozzi's dedication, resourcefulness, and knowledge of the courts.
  • Thank you so much Matthew! You really saved me.
         I will definitely be recommending you to everyone! Thanks again. I hope I don't need a lawyer in the future, but I'm keeping your number on speed dial just in case.
  • If you need any kind of legal advice, I highly recommend contacting Matt Speredelozzi.
         Matt represented me in my second DUI. I was really worried since it was my second offense and I was a college student at the time. Matt made me feel very secure in my decision to hire him. He put a lot of time and care into my case, and it was easy to see how hard he works. He was very honest with me about my options. I decided to take my case to trial. Five days before the trial was scheduled to start, he called me to tell me the DA had dropped my case! I have never been so happy.
  • Matt gave me my life back.
    Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for everything you did for me. Thank you for your time, commitment, advice, and friendship during a very challenging time. I would not be where I am today without your help.
    Praise 4
  • As someone who was never in trouble with the law before this incident, Matt was dedicated to helping me get a fair settlement.
    He saw the good in me when I was at my worst.  I appreciated Mr. Speredelozzi's honesty and frankness.  I never had any misconceptions about what was going to happen nor was I promised an unrealistic conclusion, but I could not have been more satisfied with the outcome of my case.  Thank you again for getting me the best possible result.
    Praise 5
  • Mr. Speredelozzi is trustworthy and the height of professionalism.
    He kept me informed and did a great job on my case. Highly recommend!
    Praise 6
    for all of the time and effort you put into helping me through this. I am forever grateful!
    Praise 7
  • I give my highest recommendation
    Mr. Speredelozzi knows his profession well. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable, helpful, never hesitated to take my calls, and informed me of the proceedings each and every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Speredelozzi and would give my personal and professional endorsement openly.
    Praise 8
  • Matt Speredelozzi displayed confidence and made me feel like he was on my side.
    He never made me feel "grouped" in with others who have made poor decisions like I did. He won my case and made a very upsetting and possibly life shattering experience tolerable and much easier than it could have been. I feel because of Matt, I am getting a second chance.
    Praise 9
  • I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Speredelozzi
    I give my personal and professional endorsement openly. I am very thrilled and happy with the results of my case. Two other attorneys didn't think I had much hope of reversal but Mr Speredelozzi was very successful. Very happy I chose him.
    Praise 10
  • A very smart, hardworking and nice guy!
    Can't help not admiring Matthew on many fronts!! The best attorney I have ever had till date.
    Praise 11
  • A satisfied customer
    Matt has been my family attorney for quite some time now. Every time I have used his services it was well worth it. I recently got a full blown DUI reduced to a wet and reckless because of him and his awesome staff. I would highly recommend hiring Matt for any legal issues you may have. He is a master of his craft.
    Praise 12
  • Please thank Attorney Speredelozzi for me...
    He was so kind, respectful, reassuring and non-judgmental. I really appreciate the professional support that was provided to me.
    Praise 13
  • Thanks Matt!
    I've hired Matthew on a few separate occasions. He has got good results every time. Very good about answering any questions I had along the way. All at a reasonable price...
    Praise 14
  • you work meant life to me
    I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help, I got my licence back and life is shining. You are fantastic, you work meant life to me and I'm very very thank full. May the doors of great success continue opening for you and so be that your practice sky rocket to the highest the right way and in all right places.
    Praise 15
  • I would highly recommend you to others who need help
    Thank you for working on my case. I am beyond relieved to have the expungement granted. I appreciated how you got back to me super fast every time I called or emailed. I've hired lawyers in the past that took a day or two to respond and so this was very nice to have. You have been open and honest about the case and answered any questions I had with patience and honesty. I appreciated that and knew what to prepare for. The day of court you were so eloquent and professional... I was definitely impressed and it was funny to see the prosecution stumble a bit. Thanks again for all your work and effort. I have already talked to some friends about your service and would highly recommend you to others who need help.
    Praise 16
  • The law definitely is not my area of expertise, however, it clearly is Matthew's.
    The law definitely is not my area of expertise, however, it clearly is Matthew's. He navigated through the court system with ease and it's something he excels at. His commitment and sharp wit is what ultimately got my case dismissed and I would highly recommend him.
    Praise 17
  • Thanks for everything...
    Thanks for everything, I couldn't have gotten through without your help!
    Praise 18
  • I would not hesitate to use Matt in the future if the need should arise. I highly recommend his services.
    I hired Matt to defend my 17 year old son who was cited on 2 juvenile misdemeanor charges. Matt responded promptly to my initial phone call. He explained the significance of the charges and also described in detail what my son's options were, and the possible outcomes. Matt guided my son through each step of the process leading up to his court date. We were pleased with the outcome of the court's decision. I would not hesitate to use Matt in the future if the need should arise. I highly recommend his services.
    Praise 19
  • Matt... kept me informed along the way.
    I received a ticket and retained Matt's services. Matt streamlined the process and kept me informed along the way. In the end a successful dismissal was achieved.
    Praise 20
  • I was totally amazed with the final results!!!
    When I contacted Matt for professional services I wasn't sure what to expect because I lived out of town and questioned how we would communicate, but that ended up not being a problem because Matt was always up on my case and continuously kept me informed by phone and e-mail. I was totally amazed with the final results!!! He saved me lots of time, money, and frustration with my case.
    Praise 21



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